Web analytics for you and your customers

Logspot delivers you insights about your product and allows you to embed them inside your application

Track every action. Literally.

Track all events generated by your application to learn how it performs and how users interact with your product.

Deliver web insights to your users

Enhance your product experience with embeddable insights. Fetch the insights data via API and create a new in-app experience for your users.

Make data-driven decisions

Design & develop your product with the knowledge how each features perfomes. See which ares you can improve to get better product & greater conversion.

Do more with automations

Add more to your product without writing any line of code. Extend your application's features with our little robots.

In-app analytics demo

logspot.io stats

Embeded analytics are integrated into your application, allowing users to track key metrics like conversions.

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Take your product's growth to the next level

Events feed

Discover what's happening in your application in real-time

Automatic web tracking

Automatically track your site's traffic with a single line of code


Discover where your customers are dropping off in the process and fix these problems to make your product better

Insights API

Through our HTTP API, you will be able to get insights from your product and deliver them to your customers

Search API

Get the latest events from your app via an HTTP API and display them in your application


Receive notifications from Slack, Telegram, or Logspot mobile app

Fast & easy integration

Integrate easily with SDKs and Web snippet

Customizable dashboard

Customize dashboard to your needs with insights widgets

Unlimited projects

We don't limit your ideas for the next unicorn

User journey

Easily track activity of each user when you need to fix the app

Open startup

Create public dashboard to share your startup journey with others

Data stored in EU

Your data is stored securely in Europe. We never share or sell your data.

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